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Interview: Chris Hanel, creator of the meme-killing "Meta Hitler" video by J.C. Hutchins

Welcome up, listeners! J.C. Hutchins and Hey Everybody! returns with a fun interview with Chris Hanel, creator of what can be best described as the "Meta Hitler" video, the ultimate Downfall parody vid.

For years, geeks and creators have used a four-minute clip from the Hitler bioflick Downfall to skewer topics from Xbox to Twitter ... but Chris' video takes the meme out to the toolshed. The video recently went truly viral, appearing on, The Huffington Post, Kotaku, the Bad Astronomy blog, and other prominent online venues.

Bad Astronomer Phil Plait hailed the video as "the transformative end-of-the-meme bringer. Anyone making a Downfall parody after this is basically an SEO professional getting a Twitter account now."

Here's Chris' video:

In this interview, J.C. chats with Chris about the creative inspiration for his meme-slaying video, his years of experience creating "meta"-themed online content such as Star Wars fan films and his new online comic, The Daily Blink. It's a fun chat with a true UltraCreative. If you want a front-row seat to witness how a video can go viral, this interview is a must-listen.

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