Become a victim of the OBSIDIAN blackout -- and make history by J.C. Hutchins


Here's your open invitation: I want you to tell a story set in the 7th Son universe. In late May, a first-ever in podcasting will be unleashed upon the world: 7th Son: OBSIDIAN, a short story anthology set in universe of my 7th Son podcast novel trilogy. The biggest names in podcast fiction are contributing stories, including best-selling sci-fi authors Michael A. Stackpole and Scott Sigler. If you'd like to learn more about the anthology, click here.

Ahhh, but the "first-evers" don't stop with these brilliant writers. I'm opening up the 7th Son universe to you, and your friends, and your family -- and anyone else who wants to contribute killer content to the OBSIDIAN experience.

How can you play? You gotta believe in this conceit: On November 19, 2007, the U.S. suffered a coordinated terrorist attack, and was plunged into a nationwide blackout. The country devolved into chaos. Power and order were restored two weeks later.

You are invited to be a participant in that November 2007 blackout. I'm opening the gates and empowering you to create content that will appear in the OBSIDIAN podcast and YouTube experience. You can record video of yourself suffering through this mayhem. You can call a voice mail number and leave a panicked message, or a news report from the field. The blackout is real, and it's happening now.

I've already invited dozens of 7th Son fans from around the world to create OBSIDIAN-inspired blackout content. Videos and audio recordings are already online, for your review:

Are you interested in making history and contributing your creative mojo to a fiction project never before seen in podcasting (or perhaps even mainstream publishing)? Rock on. Read on.

What J.C. is looking for: Convincing "found recording" video and audio created by dedicated folks who will play along with the OBSIDIAN concept.

Video Guidelines

  • Webcam footage is welcome, but I'm questing for manic night footage of life in America during the blackout. Is your backyard crawling with prowlers? Are there fistfights in the streets? Cannibals in the woods? Enlist friends, raise hell and get it all on tape.
  • Videos can be up to 10 minutes long; video quality is not an issue.
  • Your video should feel "authentic." Oscar performances and Steadicam are out. Documentary-style is in.
  • Email me via my Contact page and let me know you're the next Coppola. I'll tell you how to send me the footage.

Don't have a vidcam? No sweat. If you've got a phone, you're in.

Audio Guidelines

  • Call this phone number: 206-222-9158. Listen to my intro. Leave your "victim of the blackout" voice mail message.
  • If you'd rather send me an MP3, not a problem. Hit the Contact page and send it to me.
  • I'm looking for more than just panicked victim stories. If you'd like to play a journalist reporting from a network or from the streets, I'm all for it.
  • If you can fluently speak a language other than English, I'd love your contribution to be from the perspective of an international reporter, covering the U.S. blackout from afar. Your audio contribution should be "in language."
  • If you speak English in an international accent, your contribution can be one from a radio reporter covering the U.S. blackout from overseas.
  • Again, you may email me MP3s. The Contact page can help you there.

Deadline I'll need quality time to work with your contributions, so please send me your video or audio by no later than April 30th.

Video that convincingly captures "life during the blackout" will be posted on the OBSIDIAN YouTube channel. The very best contributions will be released in the podcast feed as stand-alone vidcasts.

Audio that convincingly captures the blackout experience will be released in the podcast feed as "mini-casts."

The not-so-fine print Now for the low-key caveats. If you commit to the project, you're granting me permission to use your video and audio for promotional purposes. While I will absolutely not sell your video or profit from it monetarily, you're granting me permission to own and distribute the video you submit.

The final word Now, you're not an actor. You're not a movie director. But you're more than capable of creating creative, compelling, "authentic" content, because you are a creative, compelling, authentic individual. Be confident in your abilities. I have absolute trust and faith in you.

So, get ready to make history. Crack out your vidcams and get shooting, or dial 206-222-9158 and get talking. Email me with questions.

And remember: The blackout is here ... the blackout is now ... and it's very, very dark out there.