VIDEO: The Beta Clone Army by J.C. Hutchins

7th Son fans are amazing people. They're supportive, evangelistic, dedicated and creative. It's that those last two words -- dedicated and creative -- that I marvel at the most. The 100+ pieces of 7th Son-inspired artwork, music and photos I've received during the past two years amazes and humbles me. And now ... this.

U.K.-based 7th Son fan Richard Read spent hours compiling photos from my Beta Clone Army page, and assembling them at to create this brilliant music video starring YOU, the proud folk who've purchased 7S shirts at and sent me photos. Set to Book Two's anthem (Celldweller's "Switchback"), this is an amazing showcase of Richard's creativity and the Animoto service. This video effin' rocks.

Richard is a photographer and artist. Find his Flickr page here.

Check out the awesome video below, and share it with your friends. My only regret is that I have a few Beta Clone Army photos yet to post on the site, and they're not seen here. Those faithful fans will be showcased in their own blog post in the days ahead.

Richard, thanks so much for the awesome contribution to the 7th Son Experience. This video is jaw-droppingly cool!