Special Edition PDF

7th Son: Descent "Special Edition" PDF (First 10 Chapters) by J.C. Hutchins

7th Son: Descent - Special Edition PDF

Ladies and gentlemen, the day the Beta Clone Army has waited for is HERE. The ascent of Descent has begun!

To celebrate the print release of 7th Son: Descent, I've whipped up a spiffy long-form PDF excerpt of the novel for your consumption. If you're a newcomer to 7th Son and my work, this is a easy -- and free -- way to dive into my fiction, give it a test drive, and see if it's up your alley. For longtime fans, here's a chance to see what the "insides" of the book are like, and share the PDF with friends.

This Special Edition PDF features the novel's first ten chapters, a note from me, and a printable book order form that you can present in your favorite bookstore today. It also features links to online stores, if you prefer to point, click and purchase. There are links to more information about 7th Son, and ways to share the PDF with family and friends too.

I encourage you to freely distribute this PDF on your blogs, sites, Facebook and MySpace pages, via Twitter or email ... any way you wish. This is a grassroots movement, and YOU can play a mission-critical role in spreading the word.

This PDF is being released on multiple websites today. As a thank you for these sites' help, I've created and inserted full-page ads for their content within this PDF. All of these content creators are worthy of your attention. They include:

Thank you for supporting my work in the past, and now, when 7th Son: Descent needs it the most.

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