Cellphone-centric story "7th Son: Runner" is live! by J.C. Hutchins


The first installment of J.C. Hutchins' serialized "cellphone-centric" text story 7th Son: Runner is now available for download! Runner is the first story of its kind from a podcast novelist: the tale isn't available in print or audio ... but is available for reading on your mobile phone. (Folks who do not have a mobile phone -- or have one, with no data plan -- fret not: the story is available for you, as well. More on this in a moment.) As with all stories in the 7th Son experience, you can enjoy Runner for free.

7th Son: Runner chronicles the story of James DeFalco, assistant director of the 7th Son facility. DeFalco was a small supporting character in 7th Son, Book One: Descent -- but here, he takes center stage. Astute 7th Son fans may recall DeFalco, and Book One's facility-wide evacuation that sent all "nonessential" 7th Son personnel topside until the John Alpha crisis had passed. DeFalco was one such employee, and Runner reveals much more about this nigh-anonymous doctor ... and the 7th Son legacy ... than you could have ever imagined.

This is the first time anyone, anywhere, can actually read J.C. Hutchins' fiction.

Runner was written for, and is intended to be read on, cell phone screens. Users must have mobile Web access to download and read the Runner .txt files as they are released. But that doesn't mean folks who don't have a data plan (or a cell phone, for that matter) can't enjoy the story. J.C. has made certain that anyone with Internet access can download this serialized text.

Visit this page to learn how to sign up to receive SMS "text blast" announcements when future Runner installments are released. If you're just now learning about Runner, you won't be able to receive the FIRST text blast -- that's already been sent into the wild -- but you can receive the next blast by signing up today.

All readers -- including those who sign up now, folks who do not have a data plan, or folks who are have a mobile carrier not supported by Myxer (the service J.C. is using to release this story), don't worry: you can find the URLs linking to Runner's episodes in the "cell phone" graphic found at J.C.'s Myxer Artist page.

The story's just started, so sign up -- and get ready to run. By the time Runner concludes, the 7th Son universe will never be the same ...