Philip DeFranco

VIDEO: The Silver Case, Part Two by J.C. Hutchins


What is inside the Silver Case? In Part One of "The Silver Case" video series, I explained how I'd received two strange envelopes in the mail. One featured a hand-written address and USPS "delivery confirmation." The other was from a company called Armacham. (Yes, yes, I know the company is fictional. Suspend your disbelief, for criminy's sake.)

Forsaking the Armacham letter for the time being, I tore open the hand-lettered envelope. Inside was a DVD and a note. Mysterious footage on the DVD informed me that I had been targeted by the Armacham corporation, a weapons manufacturer known for its "genetic testing." Eager to expose this conspiracy, the DVD footage instructed me to obtain a locked case from a nearby locale.

As Part One revealed, I did just that, and brought you along for the ride. I successfully obtained the case, visited a website (as instructed), and unearthed its combination. And as I opened the case ... the screen faded to black.

Here's Part Two of The Silver Case, in which I reveal nearly all of its contents. Below this video are high-resolution scans of the documents I found in the case, courtesy of (Made-of-awesome vlogger Philip DeFranco was one of several fellow Silver Case recipients. His vlog is a must-see ... the dude's brilliant, and brilliantly funny.)

PhillyD's case apparently did not include a "military" photo, which I received. This photo can be seen in the video. However, I did not receive a copy of the "name list" document, which is included below, scanned by Phil. Click "Full Size" in the gallery to view the images as full resolution.

There's still more to uncover, including additional data, and the Armacham letter. And, of course, the question: What does it all mean? Stay tuned.