Killer Content

Killer Content: "Fun Anymore" and "Unquiet Desperation" by J.C. Hutchins

"Killer Content" is J.C. Hutchins' unpredictably scheduled, ongoing series about cool creators in the online space. This post is partly prompted by a friendly online challenge by writer Chris Brogan, in which he asked his readers to suggest "hidden gems" in the blogosphere. Two men of many talents immediately sprang to mind, and they more than qualify as "Killer Content" creators.

Evo Terra and Chris Miller are gifted writers and communicators. They're also collaborators: Terra and Miller are largely responsible for keeping the site up and running smoothly. in itself is a hidden gem on the 'Net -- it provides free serialized audiobook hosting and distribution for DIY-spirited authors (such as myself) and their work. is a daring, disruptive service, and I'm confident that mainstream publishers will soon examine its model as -- like the recording industry -- it turns to digital distribution as the only true sustainable means of profit and survival.

But beyond, Evo Terra and Chris Miller are accomplished bloggers in their own right.

Evo Terra, a former podcaster and co-author of two "For Dummies" books about podcasting, is known for his intelligence, wit and snark. His blog, Fun Anymore, showcases an expert's perspective of social media far from the blogosphere's feel-good echo chamber. He chimes in on social media services, marketing and advertising. Shorter posts are often rabbit punches on well-known topics, while longer writings illustrate his practical views on new media and content quality.

To the uninitiated, Terra's tone may come off as curmudgeonly ... and that's probably fine by him ... but look beyond the barbed sarcasm, and you'll find many thought-provoking opinions. Recommended for social media types, especially those who appreciate a spike of zero-BS snark.

Chris Miller, in addition to being a podcaster and self-proclaimed "codeshaman" (and as someone who's worked with him on technical issues, the title ain't no lie), crafts a blog called Unquiet Desperation. Miller's interests are far-flung, as is his writing: he may blog about Cleveland weather one day, and coding the next. Topics also include science-fiction, religion/spirituality, podcasting and more.

What makes this personal potpourri so interesting and entertaining is Miller's writing itself. Thoughtful and carefully crafted, there is always a nugget of "bigger picture" truth to his posts. While I may not be able to fully understand his writing about coding, for instance, I always take away a personal insight into the man's life, or something that applies to my own. Recommended for codemonkeys of all stripes, fans of new media (mostly podcasting), and those craving glimmers of personal truth in each post.

Find Evo Terra's Fun Anymore here. Find Chris Miller's Unquiet Desperation here.