Grand Master Kudamono

UltraCreatives Interview #18: Douglas Sarine and the "Ask A Ninja" Ninja by J.C. Hutchins


In this incredible episode of UltraCreatives, J.C. chats with Douglas Sarine and the Ninja, both from the chart-topping "Ask A Ninja" video podcast. While Douglas and Kent Nichols (whose own UltraCreatives interview will debut tomorrow) are credited as co-creators of the show, the Ninja reveals in this interview how he recruited the duo to bring Ninja Knowledge to the world, after receiving permission from ninja Grand Master Kudamono to do so.

Douglas and the Ninja also discuss the success and history of the "Ask A Ninja" podcast, the awesomeness of being a ninja, and the now-available The Ninja Handbook, the official guide to becoming a near-ninja (which was painfully transcribed by Douglas and Kent). The book is the embodiment of all that is Awesome.

During this interview, the Ninja also reveals the name of his ninja clan, the design of his clan's flag, how his life has changed since the podcast debuted ... and shares all of this wisdom while doing battle with fierce creatures.

Find Douglas and The Ninja on the World Wide Everywhere*:

In the episode intro, J.C. announces the imminent return of 7th Son: OBSIDIAN, and that it will conclude in three weeks.


Coming tomorrow: The second "Ask A Ninja" UltraCreatives interview with Kent Nichols!

*This line was shamelessly swiped from an AAN episode.