Brave Men Run

BONUS: "Dear Mr. Donner" VIDEO by J.C. Hutchins


On Sunday, July 13, 2008, author Matthew Wayne Selznick celebrated the release of the Swarm Press edition of Brave Men Run — A Novel of the Sovereign Era with an eight-hour "webathon" on live, streaming video. On that day, the collected audience of more than 1,000 purchased so many copies of Brave Men Run, the book reached number #53 on the bestseller chart, #3 on the action-adventure chart, and #10 on the genre fiction chart. The book was also the #1 "mover and shaker" that day.

As a way of giving back to his fans on that amazing day, Selznick invited seven podcast fiction authors to contribute short stories set in his "Sovereign Era" superhero universe. Selznick performed live readings of these stories. This was an Internet, new media, and publishing first.

J.C. Hutchins was a contributor to this project. This story is the first piece of fiction Hutchins has released beyond his 7th Son trilogy. This video is Selznick's reading, captured from the event’s live video feed.

For more information about Brave Men Run and Selznick's work, visit Enjoy!

OBSIDIAN: Bonus "Hijacked" Episode by J.C. Hutchins


The podcast feed has been hijacked by an ultra-powerful entity! No, it's not Kilroy2.0 -- it's Matthew Wayne Selznick, author of the trailblazing podiobook (and damned good novel) Brave Men Run: A Novel of the Sovereign Era. Listen to this killer promo personalized for 7th Son fans, in which Matt announces his ambitious plans to rush the Amazon charts on July 13 (the book's release date), and the incredible all-day event he has planned to celebrate the release.

As part of this history-making LIVE event, Matt will read seven short stories set in the Brave Men Run universe, from some of the hottest names in podfiction, including:

As Matt mentions in this promo, this is the first time you'll ever experience my non 7th Son-related fiction in any medium, so if you dig my stuff, it's one more reason to attend Matt's live event and support his hard (and excellent) work by purchasing a copy of Brave Men Run on July 13, at Amazon. Visit Matt's site for all the details -- and if you want to learn more about Matt and Brave Men Run, check out his recent interview on the UltraCreatives Interview Series.


UltraCreatives Interview #15: Matthew Wayne Selznick by J.C. Hutchins


It's the second UltraCreatives interview for you this week, and this one's packed with history-making exclusive news from author Matthew Wayne Selznick. Matt is the author of Brave Men Run: A Novel Of the Sovereign Era, a groundbreaking novel that was released in several forms -- including print -- in 2005. Now nearly three years later, independent publisher Swarm Press has picked up the novel for mainstream release. In this conversation, Matt chats about Brave Men Run and how he's promoting it. He also shares his scrappy artistic roots and how they greatly influenced his lifelong "Do It Yourself" philosophy.

Coolest of all, Matt announces some exclusive information about his ambitious plans to rush the Amazon charts on July 13 (the book's release date), the incredible all-day event he has planned ... and something truly special that he hasn't yet announced in the podosphere. It's history making stuff, and you'll hear about it here first in this UltraCreatives interview.

Find Matthew Wayne Selznick on the World Wide Everywhere:

In the "talky talk" introduction to this episode, J.C. Hutchins reveals some developments in his own creative world, including:

  • An upcoming interview on OnThePod, and a recent interview on Slice of Sci-Fi
  • An update on where he stands in the editing process of the new novel he's co-writing, Personal Effects: Dark Art
  • The release date for the new novel, and how that affects the release of 7th Son: Descent
  • A not-so-coy reveal on who's "blurbing" the book

Coming up next in the podcast feed: FINALLY, the two "Voices From the Darkness" episodes J.C. owes listeners, and then more 7th Son: OBSIDIAN goodness as we roll into mid-week!