Beta Clone Army Update Episode Two

Beta Clone Army Update – Episode 2 (REPOST) by J.C. Hutchins

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This is an emergency repost of the episode -- a pesky bug in J.C.'s podcasting software published an incorrectly linked MP3.

Welcome to the second Beta Clone Army Update episode! J.C. delivers timely updates on the ascent of 7th Son: Descent, supercool Ministry Of Propaganda street team missions from Natasha, and your Clone Line calls. It's fan-fueled goodness!

In this debut episode, J.C. chats about:

  • The ascent of 7th Son: Descent!
  • The individually-numbered Beta Clone T-shirts are back!
  • Meet J.C. in November at some in-person events
  • Podioracket LIVE call-in book launch party on Oct. 27!
  • Get your blog, Facebook or Twitter "hacked" by Kilroy2.0!
  • The Beta Clone Army Rewards Program for multi-book purchases
  • Call the Clone Line and get on the show: 435-55-HUTCH (435-554-8824)
  • J.C.'s availability for podcast/blog interviews


  • Acquire your copy of 7th Son: Descent on Oct. 27.
  • Snap a photo of you holding your copy of the book.
  • Make sure the photo is either fun or funny!
  • Email J.C. your photo (his email address:
  • Complete this mission by Friday, OCT. 30 and get mentioned on the Agents of the Ministry page and a signed ULTRA RARE hand-crafted "Project 7th Son Dossier"
  • Mission completion after Oct. 30 still earns you a place on the Agents page
  • Photos will be posted on J.C.'s site!

Shout-Outs to Natasha's Lastest Agents of the Ministry (239 Strong!):

  • Amanda Tikkanen
  • Tony Miller
  • Michael Ward
  • David Perry
  • Tara Fairchild
  • Les Zaldor
  • Scott Roche
  • Benjamin Clifford
  • Brandon
  • Erik Ackerman
  • Brian Webber
  • Doug Rapson
  • Buddy Brannan
  • David Archambault
  • Robert
  • Terry Davis
  • Josh Rosenfield
  • Richard D. Asplund Jr.
  • Nick Walter
  • Frank Jones
  • Edward Pappa
  • Thomas Heading
  • Zach Ricks
  • Melissa Hutchins
  • Ben Hembree
  • Matthew Schnaare
  • Jen Marshal
  • R Barnes
  • Randy Hinckley
  • Joel Gerhold
  • Anna Caroline Schweitzer

Shout-Outs to the Shout-Outers:

The Beta Clone Army Update anthem is "Birthright: Birthwrong Remix" by Celldweller and Blue Stahli. Learn more about the artists at and

The "Ascent of Descent" anthem is "Switchback (Klayton Revision)" by Celldweller. Learn more about the band at

The Ministry of Propaganda anthem is "Korobeiniki" by Ozma. Learn more about the band at

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