Armacham intranet

VIDEO: The Silver Case, Part Four by J.C. Hutchins


Part One chronicled my acquisition of the mysterious Siver Case. Part Two revealed its contents.

Part Three unearthed a mysterious video, and illuminated a package sent to me from the Armacham corporation.

What we know so far:

  • The Armacham Technology Corporation is working with the creators of the video game F.E.A.R. 2.
  • Armacham has recruited me and others to participate in a special "test" that will analyze my psychic abilities.
  • This test / study will be held in mid-January 2009, in New York City.
  • According to a mystery man -- aka "Case Man," aka "R" -- who represents an anti-Armacham faction, this test is very dangerous.
  • "R" alleges that Armacham is using the release of F.E.A.R. 2 as a smokescreen to perform these nefarious studies.
  • Video provided by "R," which appears to be footage recorded by Armacham, shows young people from different decades using telekinetic powers.
  • These powers may hail from an Armacham-created liquid nicknamed "frog juice."
  • This information was obtained by a leak in Armacham's corporate intranet, "R" said.
  • I and others have been targeted by Armacham, the mysterious Case Man said ... and we're not safe.

Torn by my desire to steer clear of the Armacham corporation and yet learn more about its experiments, I realized my next step was clear. I needed to learn more about Armacham. And so begins Part Four...


P.S.: You simply must experience this for yourself. I've laid some groundwork, but I'm certain I've only scraped the surface...