Secret / by J.C. Hutchins

Here's a secret I've never shared with anybody. This isn't a big deal, so I don't mind spilling it. I just realized I've never articulated it to anyone other than myself.

The primary reason I so thoroughly embraced fast-paced blip-blip-blip social media instead of blogging is because I've convinced myself I'm not especially insightful, and don't think I have anything interesting to share with others. In my mind, a blog is a place for thoughtful communication—where Interesting Things are shared. Twitter and Facebook is for hang-wringing and absurdity. It's easy to make silly noises with your mouth when everyone else is. It's also kind of lonesome and unfulfilling, making silly noises with your mouth.

I also think the reptilian part of my brain is thoroughly addicted to these sites' engaging, gamified systems. Between the retweets, stars and red notifications badges, there's always something scratching your pleasure zone (validation!), and providing a perpetual reason for going back to those sites. Over the years, my brain has happily rewired itself to associate those notifications as personal triumphs—proof of self-worth, or cleverness, or something else. That's effed up.

Anyways, I'm making an effort to unconvince myself of some things, and embrace more thoughtfulness and quiet in my life. I think that would make a positive impact on my perception of the world, and of people.