Podcast: Interview with Collin Earl & Chris Snelgrove of "The House of Gray" / by J.C. Hutchins


Today, J.C. chats with authors and entrepreneurs Collin Earl and Chris Snelgrove. These two ultracreatives are the brilliant minds behind The House Of Gray audio and serialized ebook experience, and the YA series Harmonics.

In this conversation, Collin and Chris share this history and inspiration for The House of Gray, and how it made the fascinating shift from podcast novel to serialized ebook. They also discuss why they embraced the fascinating (and ultimately savvy and profitable) approach to selling the story as serialzed ebooks.

J.C. also asks Collin and Chris about their affordable turnkey ebook and audiobook production company DarkFire, which J.C. uses to format and release his 7th Son ebooks.

It's a terrific chat with two incredible storytellers. Enjoy!

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