Podcast: Interview with Haley Moore, creator of "Laser Lace Letters" / by J.C. Hutchins


Today, J.C. chats with Haley Moore, an incredibly talented transmedia storyteller who specializes in creating artifacts — physical items — from fictional worlds. Haley is presently promoting “Laser Lace Letters,” a Kickstarter project.

“Laser Lace Letters” is a series of tangible stories where the audience becomes steampunk detectives on the trail of a string of mysterious disappearances. At the heart of each story is a beautiful, laser cut cameo handmade in felt by artist Haley.

It’s a fascinating narrative of a steampunk world, all delivered through physical objects: letters, pages torn from diaries, newspaper clippings, sketches and more. Hiding within the items are clues to solving the disappearances.

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