Podcast: Interview with Chuck Wendig, Storyteller / by J.C. Hutchins

Chuck Wendig

After months away from the podcast feed, J.C. extracts himself from a hearty heap of freelance storytelling to chat with another freelance storyteller, the supremely talented Chuck Wendig.

Chuck has professionally written in many media and industries, including gaming, novels, screenplays, transmedia and more. "Versatility" is a topic of great interest in this chat.

During the conversation, J.C. and Chuck discuss a freelancer's life, the compelling opportunities for writers these days, and Chuck's remarkable and varied storytelling career. If you're a working writer, or dreaming of becoming one, you won't want to miss Chuck's incredible story, and his approach to telling tales.

  • Visit Chuck's website Terribleminds, and follow him on Twitter
  • Learn more about (and pre-order!) Chuck's upcoming novel Double Dead
  • Get your learn-on about Chuck and Lance Weiler's gobsmackingly awesome transmedia experience, Pandemic
  • Snag copies of Chuck's nonfiction ebooks (Penmonkey books One and Two, and 250 Things...), which offer insight on the writerly life
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