Edit my fiction, win prizes! / by J.C. Hutchins


Have you heard of Bite-Size Edits? It's a brilliant site that my friend Hugh McGuire (a founder of LibriVox.org, an all-volunteer project that makes free, public domain audiobooks; they were Podiobooks before Podiobooks was cool) and other talented folk recently debuted. Bite-Size Edits is such a spiffy idea, I kick myself every day for not thinking of it first. From the Bite-Size Edits site:

Bite-Size Edits connects readers and fans with writers, right in the engine room, where sentences are honed and improved. Bite-Size Edits takes a text, chops it into pieces, and serves those pieces randomly to editors. Players get points for editing text, for providing useful comments, and for helping to get a text completely edited.

Crowdsourced editing. This is stupefyingly cool. You can help edit the works of popular writers and earn points for your participation. Even cooler, now you can edit MY work too!

My novella Personal Effects: Sword of Blood is now available at the Bite-Sized Edits site, chopped into itty-bitty segments, for your editing pleasure. You'll recall that Sword of Blood is about Brinkvale Psychiatric Hospital art therapist Zach Taylor, and his descent into a world filled with mystery and ruthless subcultures.

Bite-Size players -- that's YOU -- get points for editing Sword of Blood's manuscript. Even better, folks receive many many more points for edits that I personally approve. Top editors will win copies my novel, 7th Son: Descent, from St. Martin’s Press.

So whip out your red pen and start editing for points here at Bite-Size Edits -- and be sure to sign up (or log in, if you're already a member). That way, your edits will be tallied by Bite-Size's database, and you'll earn those muchly deserved points!

Get your learn on about Bite-Size Edits here. I'll publish another post with the winners' names soon. In the meantime, get editing Personal Effects: Sword of Blood!