A Call For YOUR Creativity: Crowdsourcing Kilroy! / by J.C. Hutchins


Yo, 7th Son fans -- I've got a killer concept cooking over here, and I need YOUR help. With the help of some super-savvy iPhone app developers, I'll soon unleash a cool Kilroy-themed app for the iPhone and iPod touch. We're cramming lots of goodies inside, but the show-stopping main feature will be a sassy, talking Kilroy2.0!

The gist: When you give your phone a solid "shake," the mad hacker Kilroy2.0 himself will spout one of dozens of random quotes. He'll be a delightful, giggling mess, saying such things as "Shake, shake, shake your Kilroy" and "I just rooted your iPhone" ... and of course, "Kilroy2.0 is evvvvrywhere."

The twist: We've got an aggressive deadline for this project, so I need YOUR help to write dozens of funny Kilroy quotes for the app, which I'll record and port into the program. Are you up for "becoming" Kilroy and putting words in my most famous character's mouth? If so, keep reading!

Participating in this fun, creative crowdsource project is easy-peasy:

  • Simply think of as many fun (and funny!) one-liners that you think Kilroy would say, and post them in the comments.
  • You can include many quote ideas in a single comment.
  • The best user-created quotes will make it into the app!
  • Be sure to include your name in your blog comment ... we'll include your name in the app's credits!

And that's it! If you wanna participate, you gotta do so at Hutch-speed -- and I move fast. The deadline for your Kilroy2.0 one-liners is this Wednesday, Feb. 3. So channel your inner Kilroy, cook up some fun one-liners and post them in the comments!