YOUR goals for 2010 / by J.C. Hutchins

I recently asked on Twitter:

GOALS! What are some of YOUR goals for 2010? Zip me one. :)

Here's what you said. Lots of creativity and ambition here -- and yet, all are attainable...

  • Buying a 50 inch plasma!
  • my goal is to double the reach of my podcast
  • To finish 'Outcast' by end of January, and its sequel by August.
  • i want to make significant progress on one if not more then one, of my books if not finish them.
  • Get first novel complete and subsequent audio drama started.
  • Same as my one word mantra: DO!
  • To get an article or story published in something with a pricetag, ISBN or ISSN on it. :)
  • Graduate law school! :D
  • to podcast on a more regular basis...
  • Finish writing my book.
  • Doubling my clients from 2009. Need 140 new clients for 2010 to do that.
  • Write more words, eat more bacon, make more friends. I figure if I walk around with a plate of fresh bacon...
  • my biggest goal is to get my comics and photography financially independant from me.
  • On a more practical note: To reduce my debt to just my mortgage, and then pay that off within 10 years or less!
  • To write, produce, and release the first Adventures of the Snarky Avenger Audio Drama.
  • Finish jobs needing to be done.
  • Shooting MB's Famous in early 2010.
  • To be fearless in anything related to my writing.
  • finish writing, editing and recording first novel and start 2nd that's already chomping at the bit to start already :)
  • love more, save money, write daily are my goals :)
  • Test for my green belt in Kenpo
  • my goal in 2010 is to star in the 7th Son movies :P
  • get "Closet Treats" published. Finish writing "Garaaga's Children" series and podcast it all.
  • Goals for 2010: Finish 2nd draft of my novel and find beta readers; organize and name all my digital photos
  • get back into shape after surgery on the 30th of this month
  • 2010 goal: Serialize my first novel
  • my biggest goal is to be a better father
  • To do more volunteer work for a cause about which I am passionate.
  • my plan is to read more. but i need quantifiable goals. so, read one book a week. and not just yours, over and over. :)
  • write 500 words a day. Submit one story for publication.
  • to write something polished enough to podcast... And then podcast
  • From 70% autonomous to 100%.
  • Making time & $ to attend a con - preferably one that you're at, so I can thank you in person!
  • 2010 goals: Start re-writing Mallville, and start podcasting it. Try to write some more short stories.
  • goal- finish novels #2&3 and get podcast author career off the ground. Been a groupie long enough.
  • goal for 2010 = write something publishable

More will likely flow in (which I can't add to the list here), but these 2010 goals are remarkable, brimming with drive and passion. Let's all exhibit some Pure Badassery™ and make good on these goals next year.

What's YOUR goal for 2010?