Operation: Photo Fun With 7th Son / by J.C. Hutchins

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Greetings, 7th Son fans! On the eve of Descent's bookstore debut, Natasha, the voice of the 7th Son Ministry of Propaganda, wants to remind you of this week's MOP mission -- Operation: Photo Fun with 7th Son. Here's the deets:


  • Obtain your print copy of 7th Son: Descent.
  • Snap a photo of you with your copy (or copies!).
  • Make sure the photo is either fun or funny!
  • Email J.C. your photo (his email address: 7thSonNovel@gmail.com).
  • Complete this mission by Friday, OCT. 30 and get mentioned on the Agents of the Ministry page and be in the running for a signed ULTRA RARE hand-crafted "Project 7th Son Dossier"
  • Mission completion after Oct. 30 still earns you a place on the Agents page
  • Photos will be posted on J.C.'s site!

This has been a dispatch from the 7th Son Ministry of Propaganda.

~ Domination Through Replication ~

Transmission ends.