Anyman EP Track 1: "Unscrew You" / by J.C. Hutchins

Anyman Cover

Miami resident John Smith, a character in J.C.'s upcoming thriller 7th Son: Descent, is a man who dreams big ... but lives a small life. Determined to change his life's course, he recorded a five-song EP titled Anyman, and posted it to the Web. This occurred two weeks before the events seen in 7th Son: Descent.

"Unscrew You" is the first of six free folk songs from Anyman, written and performed by John Smith, which will be released on a weekly schedule here at While a link to more songs was mentioned in John's 7th Son: 7 Days prequel story, J.C. wanted to provide all five songs to all 7th Son fans ... with a bonus track on the sixth week.

Lyrics for this song appear beneath the audio player. Learn more about 7th Son: Descent’s print novel release here. Order your copy today.

"Unscrew You" Lyrics

I remember that day
Just like it was yesterday
Maybe that's because it was just like
The day that came before

That's when you showed up but
I was not expecting guests
You smiled and said it came down to right and East
Or left and West

I made my own decision
And I took you in my arms
Now I haven't got the slightest clue
Where the girl I knew has gone

I wanna unscrew you
I wanna get inside your
Get inside your head
Unscrew you
Instead of making love
Make some sense instead

Every branch is split in half and half again and every road goes
Everywhere at once with you
Every time I see your face it's like the girl I love's
Replaced with someone new

You astonish me
I mean you knock me on my heels
Then a sparrow falls or someone calls and
I can't tell what's real

What's it like for you to be
The soul of mutability
How do you decide which to apply
Variations on a theme

(Repeat chorus)

Is it too much to ask
Do I call you to task
Which lover stayed?
Who are you today?

(Repeat chorus to end)