7th Son: 7 Days - Episode 2 / by J.C. Hutchins


Welcome to the second episode of 7th Son: 7 Days, a free audio prequel anthology to J.C.'s thriller novel, 7th Son: Descent.

Today's story features John Smith, a carpenter and bartender. Recently inspired by his girlfriend Sarah, John aims to make good on a promise he made to himself long ago.

Set two weeks before Descent's extraordinary events, these seven 7th Son: 7 Days stories stars a unique "John Michael Smith." Learn more about the anthology here.

After the story, J.C. serves up some additional details about what you'll hear in John's story. The killer content keeps on comin'. J.C. also flubs by saying he'll play three Clone Line calls, but only plays two. This is because two calls were from the same person; Hutch axed one of these calls for this reason. :)

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  • Call the Clone Line and get on the show: 435-55-HUTCH (435-554-8824)
  • Episode intro provided by Tanya Swan (of PluckyBlond.com)
  • Showing the Brad Meltzer love
  • Promo: Geek Acres
  • Promo: Borrowed Time
  • Promo: The Signal

7th Son: 7 Days' anthem is "UltraNumb" by Blue Stahli. Learn more about the artist at BlueStahli.com.

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