Report from the bunker: Aug. 19 / by J.C. Hutchins

I haven't been in your earbuds lately, so I thought I'd drop quick update on my creative projects:

  • After a far-too-long hiatus due to promotion of Dark Art, writing finally resumed on my serialized podcast novella, Personal Effects: Sword of Blood. I'm happy to report that the second half of the novella is COMPLETE. I'm set to polish this rough draft, and post an episode this weekend. Thanks for your patience.
  • The final "State of the Book" address regarding Dark Art's sales will drop this week. Again, thanks for your patience.
  • A winner in the "Motherf***ing Sword of Blood" contest has been chosen. Expect an announcement later this week. Did I mention, "Thanks for your patience"?
  • Swag winners for the Dark Art "Phase Two" evangelism project have been chosen. These lucky folks will be announced in the same episode as the Sword of Blood winner.
  • I will soon begin work on 7 Days, an anthology of prequel short stories set in the 7th Son universe featuring our beloved Beta Clones, slated for release in September. These tales will be set one week before the events seen in Descent.
  • The "print edition" manuscript of 7th Son: Descent will see podcast release. Expect episodes in October. Brand-new recording of the book, with all the changes you'll see in the print edition. Hear it again for the first time.
  • This website will likely see a redesign, in preparation for Descent's bookstore release.
  • Big news for Personal Effects fans: I'm delighted to announce that Personal Effects: Dark Art will be released in serialized podcast novel form in early 2010.
  • Also coming in 2010: The 33. Because the world needs The 33.

End of line.