Phase Two: Bring J.C. To Work Day / by J.C. Hutchins

You are in a position to make a positive impact on the fate of Personal Effects: Dark Art. It's time to shout the news from the rooftops ... and I'm giving you some tips and tools to help. Here's one; find more at the PHASE TWO: Madness In The Streets page.

Bring J.C. To Work Day!

Here's a crazy cool idea: Host a quick "show and tell" event at your workplace or home, in which you show off Personal Effects and its awesome transmedia items. Tell your pals about the book, some of the plot, whatever you like ... and then get me on the phone to talk about it!

I'll spend some time with you and your friends/colleagues, chatting about the novel, or whatever they'd like to talk about. This could be particularly useful for businesses, as we can discuss topics well beyond Personal Effects, such as internet marketing, building communities, social media tools, the works! It's free advice and insight, and helps you show off the book to peeps. And if you do this at work, you'll be on the clock, which means you're getting paid to evangelize the book! Everybody wins!

Use the contact form below to give me a shout, and we'll get the ball rolling. I'm looking forward to personally chatting with you and your friends/colleagues!