Phase Two: Bookstore order form / by J.C. Hutchins

You are in a position to make a positive impact on the fate of Personal Effects: Dark Art. It's time to shout the news from the rooftops ... and I'm giving you some tips and tools to help. Here's one; find more at the PHASE TWO: Madness In The Streets page.

Purchase A Copy

If you haven't acquired a copy of Personal Effects: Dark Art, I (predictably) urge you to do so. While you can order online, I encourage you to visit your local bookstore and buy it there. This sends a strong transmission to booksellers to stock the book, and illustrates demand for this bad puppy.

Be sure to print out the smokin' hot PDF found below, fill it out and take it to the bookstore, in case the store doesn't have Personal Effects in stock. Your special order is another way to showcase demand for the book.