Party Pack PDF - Host a Personal Effects party, evangelize the cause! / by J.C. Hutchins


Behold the truly epic, very fun Personal Effects Party Pack PDF! It's 50 PAGES of full-color awesome, delivering a comprehensive soup-to-nuts blueprint to host your very own Personal Effects: Dark Art house party. Using this Party Pack PDF, you can proudly show off your new copy of Personal Effects (and the awesome transmedia ID cards and documents that come with the book), and introduce your friends to the mad world of Brinkvale Psychiatric Hospital with themed party games, music playlists and cocktail recipes. There's even printable party favors!

Better still, if you host and document a Personal Effects party, you'll be put in the running to win one of 20 signed copies of the book. You'll truly be the host with the most! Some highlights:

  • A printable invitation flyer to post at work
  • Printable party favors, including Brinkvale commitment papers, hospital wristbands, and patient ID badges
  • Five pages of Personal Effects-themed cocktail recipes
  • An insanely fun, themed songlist
  • Coloring pages, with certificates for your party's "most scary" and "most creative" artwork
  • Personal Effects-themed games, including a Clue-like original game "A Night At The Brink" -- and the classic-in-the-making, "Pin the Shades On Martin Grace"
  • Printable Brinkvale release papers, which guests receive as they leave the party
  • And more!

If you're like me, you're strapped for cash. So I made certain that -- excluding any booze or music you might purchase -- the activities in the Party Pack PDF can be executed on a total budget of $10 or less. Hell, if you've got paper, crayons and playing cards on-hand, you won't spend a dime! How's that for easy?

This is a delightful way to introduce Personal Effects to your pals, and evangelize the book. And your evangelism is critical. It's been a week since Personal Effects: Dark Art debuted in bookstores, and became available for immediate purchase online. Pre-orders and Week One sales were solid ... but it's time to take the message beyond the ones and zeros of the blog- and podospheres, and into the all-important world of Real Life.

Download the Personal Effects Party Pack PDF by clicking the link below.

Take it to The Brink ... and host a helluva party in the process. I'm looking forward to seeing photos and video from your party, and putting you in the running for a signed copy of the book!