"Personal Effects: Dark Art" Video Trailer #9 - Mike Monello / by J.C. Hutchins

I've had the great fortune of meeting Mike Monello, a person I consider one of the most brilliant marketers on the planet. Why? Because he understands the most critical component of all evangelism: storytelling.

He was a co-producer on The Blair Witch Project -- and equally significant, produced and edited the legendary quasi-documentary Curse of the Blair Witch, which was released on the Sci-Fi Channel 10 years ago. That short film -- and the (mostly) online-fueled word of mouth campaign that followed -- helped make Blair Witch a bona-fide cultural phenomenon.

It was the unconventional, immersive, fiction-meets-reality narrative of Blair Witch and Curse of the Blair Witch that moved viewers, and compelled them to share that story with friends and family. Mike played a critical role in that. With the company he co-founded, Campfire, he's gone on to create and/or supervise transmedia campaigns for True Blood, F.E.A.R. 2, Terminator: Salvation, and other brands.

And now he's here, to tell you what he thought about Personal Effects: Dark Art. We are days away from the book's release in bookstores everywhere. Pre-order the novel, or visit your favorite bookstore on June 9 to purchase a copy.

As always, co-producer/editor Michael Bekemeyer gets a big salute for his editing skills. Find the first eight trailers here.

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More videos are coming. Personal Effects: Dark Art. In bookstores everywhere this June. Pre-order now.