Personal Effects: Sword of Blood episode 1 / by J.C. Hutchins

Hell yes, it's here -- the first podcast novella ever written to celebrate the release of a print novel! It's my latest work, Personal Effects: Sword of Blood ... and it's a FREE podcast-exclusive prequel to my print novel debut, Personal Effects: Dark Art.

Welcome to Brinkvale Psychiatric Hospital, where optimistic art therapist Zach Taylor is confronted with his most intriguing patient to date: a cheerful elderly woman ... who's also a remorseless killer. Her cryptic clues, and the quilts she's creating, propel Zach into a brainbending quest for a treasure that may be more dangerous -- and deadly -- than he ever imagined.

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NEW TO J.C.'s FICTION? If you're new to the site and my work, make yourself at home. I've been releasing free audiobooks and podcasts since 2006, and am gearing up for the June 9 release of Personal Effects: Dark Art, a novel that combines the traditional novel experience with a multimedia-fueled "out of book" narrative that unfolds via phone, email and websites. Pre-order a copy of Personal Effects: Dark Art today.

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