New 7th Son: Descent "Print Edition" cover / by J.C. Hutchins

Back in January, I unveiled the "print edition" cover for 7th Son: Descent, which will be released by St. Martin's Press this fall. I did the Snoopy dance. You did the Snoopy dance. The cover was slick and intriguing. See it here. After some discussions over in NYC's Flatiron Building (where St. Martin's calls home), the publisher decided to give the cover an upgrade. While I was pleased with Descent's original cover, I'm thrilled beyond words by this new iteration, which appeared in my inbox this morning.

Call it Version 2.0. Kilroy would be proud.

7th Son: Descent (version 2.0)

This cover truly captures the spirit of Descent and the 7th Son trilogy ... and it does what the very best book covers do: deftly tells a visual narrative. It's all here, folks: seven identical men, DNA strands, cool high-tech elements, implied action, and a title design that feels like a "brand" logo (something this self-made marketer greatly appreciates). It's a terrific representation of my tech-fueled potboiler thriller.

Toss in a killer cover blurb by my nemesis Scott Sigler, and the thing's gold.

And more cool news about Descent: yesterday, I spied the interior design of the book. It's an elegant presentation, with a few delightful graphical surprises.

I love this cover, and am proud to know it will be on bookstore shelves later this year. I hope you love it too, and will find room for Descent on your bookshelf at home.