Fan Of The Day #9: Philine / by J.C. Hutchins

It's another manic Monday ... and that's GOOD news for peeps! Fan Of The Day is back in action! We start this week with our first non-U.S. Fan Of The Day. Meet Philine, an Austrian superfan -- and Beta Clone #243!

Fan Of The Day: Philine


Your location: Vienna, Austria

Website, Twitter, etc.:

Your hobbies or interests: Listening to podcasts (duh!), horse riding, TV & movies, reading, religions, history, other geeky stuff.

7th Son fans rock because: Because no other fanbase gets their author to turn the whole thing around and make it all about THEM!

Philine, you're amazing. Thanks for taking your 7th Son/Personal Effects fandom to those beautiful Austrian streets. And OF COURSE it's all about you and other superfans. You're doing all the heavy lifting! :)

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