Fan Of The Day #5: Another Michael! / by J.C. Hutchins

Yesterday's Fan Of The Day was named Michael ... and today's is, too! They're not clones -- though they both share a love for 7th Son. Let's meet today's Michael, and see what creative endeavor he's up to!

Fan Of The Day: (Another) Michael

Michael Rigg

Your location: Chicago, IL, USA

Website, Twitter, etc.:

Your hobbies or interests: Writing, guitar, film, videogames

7th Son fans rock because: Like the author-general they follow, the exude heart and energy. 7th Son fans know a great thing when the see it and they aren't afraid to say so. ROCK ON, BETAS!!!!

What else would you like The Beta Clone Army to know about you? I am a writer-idiot. I publish first drafts of my novels online. THE WORLD IS MY BETA READER. :) I also like Bjork AND Shania Twain. How does that happen? Insanity doesn't run in my family. It gallops.

Sweetness! Anyone who digs Bjork AND Shania is cool in my book -- I'm a fan of both of those musicians, as well! Be sure to check out Michael's work at his website. Thanks for being a superfan, buddy!

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