Fan Of The Day #3: Christopher / by J.C. Hutchins

Our Fan Of The Day celebration continues! Meet Christopher, a 7th Son fan who's helping kids, writing books, and is a podcaster himself! Take a gander at the coolness he's creating!

Fan Of The Day: Christopher

Christopher Bugaj

Your location: Harpers Ferry, WV, USA

Website, Twitter, etc.:, A.T.TIPPERS group on Facebook

Your hobbies or interests: Assistive technology, educational technology, podcasting, children's literature, educational video production

7th Son fans rock because: They are fantastic at welcoming latecomers into the fold. I heard about 7th Son after all three were finished while J.C. was finishing the Obsidian project. I've been lurking for a long time and this initiative made me crawl out of the woodwork. Furthermore, the amazing amount of fan participation during the Obsidian project was truly inspiring. I wish I heard about it sooner so I could have participated!

What else would you like The Beta Clone Army to know about you? 1. Host of the A.T.TIPSCAST (Assistive Technology: Tools In Public Schools) a podcast about using commonly available tools to assist students who are struggling in school. Each episode ranges from 4-15 minutes. I try to present each tip in an interesting way to emphasize the point that educational content doesn't have to be boring content. If you know a student who is struggling in school I urge you to try on the A.T.TIPSCAST and see if it fits (available on iTunes).

2. Co-author of a soon-to-be published book on how to create an assistive technology team in public schools. The manuscript has already been peer-reviewed and the reviews have been extremely positive. There is one small section in the book inspired by the 7th Son series that centers around needing to clone yourself when attending educational conferences in order to get all of the content. I was in the middle of Book Three as we were writing the manuscript.

3. Married to the host of Night Light Stories, a podcast featuring free, original stories for children. If you have kids, we invite you to check it out (also available on iTunes).

Thanks a million for the support, Christopher! I hope other Beta Clone Army members check out your cool content!

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