The Invitation: A Silver Case update / by J.C. Hutchins


For those following my Silver Case adventures, here's an update that'll tickle you. As many of you know, I've been warned by a mysterious fellow named "Case Man," aka Richard Findes, about the allegedly nefarious deeds of the Armacham corporation. Armacham has targeted me to apparently participate in a marketing event for the release of the new video game F.E.A.R. 2, the Case Man said. But the company shouldn't be trusted, he insisted -- Armacham is using the event as a ruse to possibly perform genetic testing on me and other Silver Case recipients.

I've remained fairly neutral about Case Man's accusations; after all, he could be spreading misinformation about Armacham. At the same time, I've been skeptical about Armacham's supposed "targeting" of me; why in the the heck would a major conglomerate reach out to me? There's nothing special about J.C. Hutchins.

But yesterday, I received this letter from A.T. Harman, an employee at Armacham Technology Corporation. (A scan of the letter is beneath my transcript.) Things are getting ... interesting.

I'm going to personally pursue this mystery later today, and get back to you with some video and opinions. In the meantime, enjoy this very intriguing letter.

If this is real, should I go? My personal safety might be at risk. Sound off in the comments...


Dear J.C.:

Congratulations. I am pleased to inform you that Armacham Technologies would like to include you in our upcoming *FEAR LAB trials in New York City.

Armacham will fly you to New York City to be one of the first to experience F.E.A.R. 2 during the weekend of January 17th and 18th. As part of the **Level III test, you will be granted access to our mobile FEAR LAB, allowing extensive interaction with the game prior to its public release.

The F.E.A.R. 2 module represents a major leap forward in FPS game-play and as part of Armacham’s outreach, we will provide live blogging & live streaming stations at the event for you to share with your audience.

Please contact our travel coordinator … to make arrangements.

Best Regards, A.T. Harman

*Measurable PK attunement and Neuro-inductive Cognition is amplified by up to 22% by subjects utilizing the chair, although prolonged use is still being restricted to those displaying an initial Zener rating of 9+.

**Level III is designed for bloggers/gamers identified to possess exceptional latent Ganzfield reactions; these players will be among the first test subjects of the new module outside of Armacham’s secret research facility.

Armacham letter -- Click for larger version