The Dossier: A Silver Case update / by J.C. Hutchins

Richard Findes

Yesterday, I concluded my Silver Case video series. Today, I received an email from the mystery man "R." The plot thickens... Silver Casers will recall that "R" is the man who sent me the silver briefcase, and appeared in two videos -- one on a DVD I received in the mail; the other, on the case's USB drive. "R" has provided information about Armacham's alleged genetic testing, and its supposed nefarious plot to recruit people (including me) to participate in its research.

Now, "R" has contacted me via email:


Please help me.

As you know Armacham has corrupted the FEAR 2 game module but it seems they are still determined to unveil LEVEL 3 of their testing whatever the consequences. Despite disastrous results in the initial testing they are currently looking for 13 candidates to test the module in a device called the FEAR LAB in New York City.

I fear for the safety of anyone who becomes involved in this test and I'm determined to stop it all costs.

I've hidden additional evidence at which I've had to encode for my safety. Once you unlock the files you will see what I'm talking about.

I'll be in touch


I visited the URL "R" provided, and sure enough, there was content to behold. You'll note that the directory in which this content is stored is labeled "RF" (which I bolded above), further implying that this data is hailing from Richard Findes, the disillusioned Armacham employee whose email we hacked in a past Silver Case episode. (Is there significance to the numeral 3437, as well?)

Two PDF documents were available via the link: "Dossier.pdf" and "Armacham Form 25C_supplemental.pdf". I've extracted the pages from the PDFs and posted them below. You can also download a PDF with both assets combined by clicking here.

Silver Casers will note that most of these pages appeared in the dossier I personally received from Armacham, with one exception: the final image. This must be the encoded data to which "R" refers in his email.

What does it mean? Can the cipher -- and R's message -- be found using these materials? I bet it can ... and I bet you can help decrypt it. So let's get crackin'! Sound off in the comments if you make any progress.

Joris N. Ulbricht

Finally, I should note that the envelope I received from Armacham in late November was marked with a "LEVEL 2 CLASSIFICATION" stamp. But in this recent email, "R" refers to an apparent upgrade of the testing: Level 3.

Astute visitors to will note that Richard Findes' email draft features three Armacham Technology Corporation employee profiles. Of the three, only Dutch employee Joris N. Ulbricht appears to have a Level III security clearance. Is he part of Armacham's inner circle?

So. Help me crack the code to determine if Armacham is indeed conspiring to perform unsafe genetic tests on people (including me) ... or if the mysterious Case Man -- aka "R" -- is simply on a mission to spread misinformation.


PS: I've replied to R's email, saying his "message was received," and providing him the URL to this page. If he responds, I'll let you know...