Join the J.C. Hutchins mailing list ... again! (blush) / by J.C. Hutchins

Hey gang -- after spending $40 a month for six months for an email blast service I wasn't using, I'm giving ReverbNation a spin. Designed for independent musicians, the service seems very robust and flexible. Best of all, it's free. If you've emailed me, like, ever, chances are you're going to get an "opt-in" email from the ReverbNation folks. I'd appreciate it if you clicked through and signed up to receive email blasts from me in the future. If you've never emailed me -- and don't worry, I don't take it personally ... I'm a lurker myself -- but want to sign up, feel free to use the form below. (RSS readers click here.)

Thanks for your endless support, folks. I'm humbled to be in such awesome company.