FREE E-BOOK: "The Case of The Pitcher's Pendant" / by J.C. Hutchins


Taking a page from Scott Sigler and Cory Doctorow -- both of whom have shown that giving away e-versions of novels helps book sales -- author Tee Morris is offering 7th Son fans a free PDF of detective dwarf Billibub Baddding's next case, The Case of The Pitcher's Pendant, here in the feed. Ultra-cool! This the entire book in digital format. According to Tee, you may review it for your blog or book review site, so long as you post the review on the week of August 8.

It's all a part of the ambitious "Double Trouble" campaign promoting the release of both Tee's novel and Philippa Ballantine's sequel to Chasing the Bard, titled Digital Magic. The mission: to storm on 08-08-08, buy both fantasy novels like crazy, and push their titles up the charts! This free PDF of Pitcher's Pendant (and the PDF of Digital Magic, which will drop in this feed tomorrow) gives you a delicious taste of the books before you purchase them on August 8.

Tee and Pip are pulling out the stops to tell the world about "Double Trouble," but they need your help. Show your support by displaying snappy desktop wallpapers, blog banners, or avatars for your Twitter or chat applications! Click here for details!

Enjoy the free PDF ... and help make "Double Trouble" history on 08-08-08!