New OBSIDIAN content tomorrow / by J.C. Hutchins

Hey (cough) everybody! J.C. (wheeze) Hutchins (sneeze) here. Guess what? I'm sick. The terrible "Hutchins Head Cold" -- an unspeakable beast that rises and assaults me once every two years or so -- struck last Friday, and I've been utterly worthless (and borderline voiceless) throughout the weekend. Since I didn't have the pipes to deliver "talky talk" intro chatter, and didn't have the mental acuity to do more than moan like a zombie, releasing OBSIDIAN content had to take a back seat.

I think I'm on the mend, so you'll likely receive a new OBSIDIAN short-short tomorrow, complete with an intro by me. I'll be a little congested (by dose iz still stubbed ub), but it's better than nothing. I appreciate your patience, and hope you'll tolerate a sick Hutch in your earbuds for tomorrow's episode.

Time to guzzle some Nyquil. Here, watch these two awesome videos of talking cats. They are made of win.