Gallery: "Playing for Keeps" covers / by J.C. Hutchins

While writing is my first passion (and the only thing I feel I'm truly good at), I do have a handful of other talents, one of them being graphic design. I'm no Photoshop ninja, but I can bang out a decent logo, provided it's typography-based. I also like to help my pals.

So in late 2007, when Mur Lafferty invited me to design title and headline logos for her "Playing for Keeps" podiobook, I jumped at the chance. It was flattering and fun to help create the cover of her novel -- and contribute to the awesome artwork in her weekly "comic book"-style PDFs.

Now, since I've completed the cover for the final PDF issue, I thought I'd post this gallery of images showcasing my work. I learned a lot during this 16-image adventure, and it was a hoot collaborating with Mur, photographer J.R. Blackwell and artists Jared Axelrod and Natalie Metzger on these covers. I hope you enjoy them.