7th Son covered in The Washington Post / by J.C. Hutchins

It's been a remarkable two weeks for author J.C. Hutchins. First, his groundbreaking 7th Son: OBSIDIAN project was featured on culture blog BoingBoing.net and sci-fi blog io9.com ... and today, reporter Mike Musgrove's "@Play" column highlights Hutchins' 7th Son podcast novel trilogy in The Washington Post. Musgrove's article educates Post readers on the growing popularity of podcast novels, and how the success of authors like Hutchins, Scott Sigler and others are catching the eye of mainstream publishing.

Of particular note was Musgrove's coverage of podnovelists' zero-budget approach to marketing and promotion. The 7th Son Ministry of Propaganda and Hutchins' open invitation for contributions to the 7th Son: OBSIDIAN experience were specifically mentioned in the piece. Musgrove's column is fun, informational and authoritative, and highly recommended.

If you're here thanks to Musgrove's article, welcome! You can learn more about podcasting -- and how to subscribe to the 7th Son Experience and 7th Son: OBSIDIAN podcasts -- by visiting the Podcasting Primer page.