Blackout / by J.C. Hutchins

THE NATIONWIDE BLACKOUT IS NOW ... the violence and chaos are HERE ... and YOU are a victim. Call the number in the video below and submit your story of horror and survival! Email your friends this blog post link, encourage them to call and share their "blackout experience!" 7th Son: OBSIDIAN is coming.... (Recordings will be played in May, in the OBSIDIAN audio anthology, which chronicles the blackout.)

Podcasters and bloggers: Feel free to post this video in your feed for download to your readers'/listeners' RSS reader/podcatcher. Here are the details:

  • Share the video in your blog by using the embed link found in the YouTube video
  • For download/enclosure -- file URL:
  • For download/enclosure -- file size: 8460157
  • For download/enclosure -- file duration: 1:49

Please spread the "blackout virus" far and wide ... and be sure to send J.C. an email, bragging about your evangelism!

Blackout victim performed by Michael Bekemeyer