7th Son web widget goes LIVE! / by J.C. Hutchins

Beloved 7th Son listeners: Do you have a blog, MySpace or Facebook page? Howzabout a Blogger, LiveJournal, Friendster or Freewebs site? If you do -- and I know you do -- feast your peepers on that lovely web widget on the right. While you're at it, click the audio "play" button. Heee! Instant 7th Son gratification! We all know that the trilogy has concluded, but that doesn't mean I'm not questing for new listeners ... especially since a new 7th Son fiction project will debut this May. That's right, folks. More 7S goodness is coming, and I need you to help prepare the uninitiated masses by getting them listening to the trilogy now.

Will you help? It's easy-peasy to lend a hand. Simply click the "share" button on the pretty little widget, pick your social media site of choice, and post! Alternately, you can paste the magic URL code into a blog entry or sidebar widget of your blogging platform (like I did). Heck, you can even e-mail it to a buddy! The fillout forms are teeny tiny right now, so if you're having a problem typing in your deets, let me know. I'll make the widget wider.

In the meantime, help me spread the 7th Son word far and wide -- and prepare yourself for May 2008, when I debut the new series titled, 7TH SON, BOOK...

Heh. Cliffhangered again.

Evangelize, my beautiful listeners! Evangelize!