New Site Debut, New Features / by J.C. Hutchins

Hey everybody -- J.C. Hutchins here. Welcome to the shiny new version of After two years of using the same look/feel for this site (not to mention an inflexible content management system to maintain it), I've taken the plunge and relaunched. The site now has a much "cleaner" appearance, is easier to navigate, and is compatible with more Web browsers. Podcast listeners may have the entire 7th Son podcast experience download to their podcatching programs. I apologize for this inconvenience; it was a necessary side-effect of the site relaunch.

All of the content from the old version of the site is here, including the Listener-Created Content Download Center, the 7th Son Facility Virtual Tour, the Beta Clone Army Gallery, and more. Feel free to explore the site and send me some feedback via blog comment or the spiffy new email form.

Today will also see the debut of a new feature at -- the "UltraCreatives" interview series. Throughout 2008, I'll chat with creative folks in the podcasting, publishing, technology and entertainment industries, and posting them in the podcast feed for you to enjoy. The first UltraCreatives interview will be with White Noise 2 director Patrick Lussier and writer Matt Venne. It's a helluva chat, and I hope you enjoy it.

2008 will also see more fiction and special content here at I'm looking forward to sharing it with you, and hope you'll stay subscribed to the feed!

Special thanks to Kreg Steppe, corwin, Jason Penney, Chris Miller and Steve Saylor for their 11th Hour contributions in helping me deploy this new version of the site. Find links to their work in the Trusted Allies section!