Begging! Pleading! Apologies! / by J.C. Hutchins


To my loving, awesome, ever-diligent, always-vocal, beyond-beautiful Beta Clones.... I come to you tonight, on my knees, pleading for forgiveness.

Yeah. The new episode's gonna post later than I anticipated. CODE PHANTOM is clobbering me this week (I've actually taken the week off from work to write the new novel), and the workload pushed back my writing of the new "The Story So Far" script for this week.

The script was sent to the guest reader this morning, but he'll need free time to record it. If the episode is a no-go by early Friday evening, I'll likely hold off on posting the episode until next Tuesday.

I offer no excuses, and plead for your continued patience and understanding. CODE PHANTOM has an uber-tight deadline, and as much as I want to post 7th Son episodes each week, the paying gig comes first. Please accept my apologies, and look for the new ep next Tuesday at the latest.