BOOK THREE: Chapters 8, 9 & 10 / by J.C. Hutchins


J.C. *promises* he'll post a bonus episode later this week. He's been very busy with the new CODE PHANTOM novel project, and has lots to talk about. Sorry for the delay, folks. But, here’s this week's episode....

EPISODE INTRO BY: Sam Chupp, author of Heart of the Hunter

THE STORY SO FAR BY: Eric Rice, executive producer at Slackstreet Entertainment, blogger, podcaster, co-founder of (now Hipcast) and creator of the ambitious Saijo City project.

SYNOPSIS: John, Kilroy2.0 and Jack encounter a new ally. Devlins across the U.S. launch John Alpha's final plan. At the U.N., Father Thomas and General Hill scheme.

Note: Promos will return to 7th Son very soon indeed! It's time for J.C. to pimp his podcasting peeps!