MOP Mission #5: Operation Droplift / by J.C. Hutchins


Comrades, the 7th Son Ministry of Propaganda is back from hiatus ... and Natasha (and J.C. Hutchins) requests your help in re-starting the revolution. The prizes this time are most excellent: A Guest appearance on the 7th Son podcast. Your new mission? OPERATION DROPLIFT. You'll be spreading the word about 7th Son by "droplifting" our propaganda in local bookstores. Unlike shoplifting, you won't be secretly taking something. You'll be secretly leaving something.

By clicking the image above or the button at the end of this dispatch (or here), you will be directed to a PDF document. This page features special messages for future 7th Son listeners. Print this at least twice -- more is better, but that's your call -- and cut the pages into eight little cards (each approximately size of Mao's Little Red Book).

Take these cards to a local bookstore or library and insert each into a different book. The goal: To intrigue newcomers to check out 7th Son.

Which books should you choose? Natasha and J.C. have a few recommendations. Place these cards in older titles that still sell: fiction by Stephen King, Michael Crichton, Dan Brown, Tom Clancy, or Robert J. Sawyer. Or non-fiction books on human cloning, conspiracy theories, or the internet. Ultimately, the Ministry of Propaganda trusts its agents: Choose books that you enjoy.

This is not an illegal act ... but it does require subterfuge, as some bookstore employees may not like the competition from our subversive media. Please note: Do not insert cards into children's literature, such as such as Harry Potter or Goodnight Moon.

When you have distributed all eight (or more) cards, e-mail Natasha at to notify her of mission completion. If she "in good mood," she will give you credit for mission and enter you in an MOP drawing for prizes.

Ten lucky Agents of the Ministry will be rewarded for their loyalty. Five Agents will win opportunities to recite episode intro IDs in future episodes of Book Three ("You're listening to Episode X"). Five others will recite "The Story So Far" recaps in future episodes of Book Three.

Deadline for this mission is one week after launch of Book Three: 7/14/07. Agents not completing mission by this time will be mocked publicly in front of the Kremlin. Now Agents: Go forth, print and spread the 7th Son gospel!

Download the propaganda! (PDF format. Print TWICE and distribute cards.)

Transmission ends.

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