INTERIM: 7th Son HiatusCast #1 / by J.C. Hutchins

J.C. Hutchins is back ... and he's armed with 7th Son news, shout-outs to listeners, a groundbreaking promotion for Book III, a shiny-new contest and more! Hot damn, Hutch is chatty today! HIATUSCAST ANTHEM: "Troubled Son" by Working for a Nuclear Free City (see also WFANFC MySpace page)


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J.C. has appeared or will appear on these fine podcasts:

New Beta Clones have reported for duty! Check out the 7S/GeekLabel Beta Clone Army page for new photos! (And be sure to visit to get your own 7S shirt!)

Please show your support for the memory of podcaster Joe Murphy. Visit the Joe Murphy Memorial Fund website, or donate your PC's power to the Beta Clones for Joe cancer research initiative.

A new 7th Son fangroup has been created: the Google Beta Clones group! Thanks to Jodie for putting this together.

The first-ever cross-country podcast "book tour" is here! It's called 7TH SON: 50/50/50 (50 Podcasts, 50 Interviews, 50 States), and J.C. wants your help. Check out this post at Podcast Pickle to get the skinny, and if you'd like to interview J.C. on your show to promote Book III, just shoot him an email at The goal: 50 interviews to get the podosphere buzzing about 7th Son!

Free stuff for listeners! Check out to learn about podcaster Steve DuPont's excellent novel, Therein Lies the Problem. And if you want to participate in the 7th Son/Therein Lies the Problem Contest -- up for grabs: free books, T-shirts and bookmarks! -- send an email with your name to . It's free to enter! Deadline: April 21.