MOP Mission #4: Operation Start The Presses! / by J.C. Hutchins


Comrades, there are six more weeks until Book Two: Deceit concludes, and it's time to put the hammer (and sickle) down on our promotion. Your new mission for the Ministry? Mob the media. Infiltrate the press. We're gunning for mainstream newspaper coverage ... and we need your help in a major way. For this mission, you're more than Agents of the Ministry -- you're PRESS AGENTS of the Ministry. 7th Son may not be in print form, but there's no reason it can't be mentioned your local print media!

YOUR ORDERS Contact a features reporter or the features editor of your local mainstream newspaper or alternative weekly. Email them the letter found below. Be sure to cc: Natasha ( ) in the email. That's it.

Download the letter! (simple text file; copy/paste into email)

YOUR GOAL Maximum exposure for 7th Son -- and the "The Story So Far" celebrities appearing in these final Book Two episodes -- in traditional media.

THE SPECIFICS 7th Son author J.C. Hutchins was once a journalist, so he knows some DOs and DON'Ts when it comes to contacting newspaper folk. Please follow these guidelines when sending your email:

  • DO personalize the email. (Example: "Dear Mr./Ms. Smith...")
  • DO send the email to appropriate contacts. (Features reporters/editors, Books reporters/editors. NOT sports, business, editor-in-chief, etc.)
  • DO NOT send mass email, should you choose to contact more than one person at a publication. Please send individually personalized emails to each reporter/editor.
  • DO NOT send follow-up email, or pester the contact. (Reporters hate this.) If the reporter is interested in covering 7th Son, he/she will contact J.C. directly.

If you cannot find the email address for a local reporter/editor, take three minutes to call the publication and ask. No need to pitch the story over the phone; just get the info and skedaddle. Email's the contact method of choice. It's free, timely and efficient.

Download the letter! (simple text file; copy/paste into email)

YOUR REWARD Since the Ministry is asking you to do some hefty footwork on this mission, the 7th Son swag up for grabs is mighty indeed! Complete the mission by Sunday, Feb. 25 and become eligible for these prizes:

Five lucky agents will win a personal cameo in the 7th Son experience! Your portrait will be featured as a 7th Son facility "Employee of the Month" in the forthcoming 7th Son Facility VR Tour "Ops Center" room. Ministry architect Martin Parrott will forever immortalize you in this new VR! You'll be a part of the story!

Five runner-up agents will win free wicked MOP T-shirts from, the official clothier of 7th Son! Winners will be announced on the Tuesday, Feb. 27 episode of 7th Son.

THE MINISTRY IS YOUR FRIEND Do you need assistance in finding the website and email addresses for your capitalist local media? The Ministry is here to help! Dig these links for more info:

For U.S. residents
Links to mainstream
U.S. newspapers

Links to U.S. alt-weeklies

For Canadian residents
Links to mainstream Canadian newspapers

For U.K. residents
Links to mainstream U.K. publications
More links

For European residents

For all 7th Son fans

FINAL WORDS, COMRADE Remember: You must CC Natasha at in your email to be eligible for Agent status (and the killer swag). Deadline for prize eligibility is Sunday, Feb. 25.

Good luck, agent! Go forth and take your evangelism to the mass media!

Transmission ends.

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