MOP Mission #3: Operation Baby, Can You Digg It? / by J.C. Hutchins


Once again, it is time to spread the 7th Son message to the masses, comrades. If you're up to date with the episodes in Book Two: Deceit, you've probably heard the announcement about the very cool 7th Son facility "Virtual Tour." Not only is this a pixel-perfect representation of the 7th Son facility, but this VR tour is also the first of its kind in podcast fiction. Never before have listeners of a podiobook been able to pan, zoom and interact with an environment like the one at

Now it's time to tell the world about it. This mission requires you to infiltrate two battlefronts.

Battlefront One: Click the link below. It will send you a story at about the Virtual Tour. is a popular user-driven site that covers tech and culture.

> Take me to!

While at this page, you will "digg" the story by clicking the digg it icon near the headline. Your "digg" will boost this story's ranking at, which will increase its visibility to visitors who know nothing about 7th Son. These people will check out the Virtual Tour. They will likely be smitten by its coolness. They, too, will digg the story.

If enough Agents of the Ministry digg it, 7th Son may appear on the homepage of -- prime real estate for new listeners. And if the digging continues, the story may be mentioned on DiggNation, one of the most popular podcasts on the planet. Can you say "captive capitalist audience?" Da. Which brings us to...

...Battlefront Two: Your friends. Once you've dugg the story, send an email to as many friends as you can, encouraging them to also digg it. Send them the link above. Tell them to tell their friends, and so on. The goal: 1,000 diggs. Can you do your part? Natasha and the Ministry of Propaganda are counting on you!

Please note that you must register for an account at in order to digg the story. If you are not registered at Digg, please click here. It's free and painless, and Digg never sends spam. They're one of the good guys.

You must complete this mission and send Natasha an email (at ) with your compliance by Jan. 1, 2007. Five lucky Agents of the Ministry will be selected to win a classy, durable ceramic tile coaster featuring the MOP logo. Now you can brainwash your friends during cocktails! Vodka, anyone?

Good luck, comrade! Now get Digging!

Transmission ends.

The 7th Son Ministry of Propaganda ~ Domination Through Replication ~