MOP Mission #2: Operation Burn, Baby, Burn / by J.C. Hutchins


Your objective: Download the first episode of 7th Son, Book One: Descent. (Link is below.) Burn five CDs. Be sure to write this information on the CDs:

  • The name of the book, "7th Son"
  • The words "A free audio podcast novel"
  • And this website address:

And then get rid of them. Give them to friends. Pass them out at a coffee shop, a record store, or donate them to the local library. Send an email to explaining what you did, and boom, you'll be rewarded by having your name posted on the ever-growing Agents of the Ministry page.

But if you burn and distribute more than five CDs, that's where things get interesting. It's time to give away some Ministry of Propaganda swag, and people who go above the call of duty will be eligible to win two prizes: A Ministry of Propaganda coffee mug -- with the Ministry's logo printed on the side -- or any shirt of your choice at the 7th Son store at

Here's how it works: Burn and distribute 10 CDs, report back to the ministry, and your name goes in the hat to win a Ministry of Propaganda coffee mug. Burn and distribute 20 or more CDs, and you'll get a chance at winning a 7th Son shirt of your choice. Remember to send your "mission completed" reports to:

Drawing for the prizes will be on Sunday, Dec. 10 ... so be sure to complete this mission before then.

Right-click here to download the MP3!

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Click here to download fan-created CD labels!

To download CD labels: Click the text above. A .zip archive will begin to download automatically. Big thanks to Martin and Big-O for creating these labels to share with other 7th Son fans!

Transmission ends.

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