MOP Mission #1: Operation Firefly / by J.C. Hutchins


Agents-to-be, the Ministry of Propaganda demands your attention. We have concocted an easy-breezy "fast track" method for your induction into the Agents of the Ministry.

"Firefly" and "Serenity" star (and recent "LOST" guest star) Nathan Fillion will be reading a The Story So Far... recap for the Nov. 14 episode of 7th Son. The Ministry has deemed this event as noteworthy, and considers its release into the world as a High Priority.

What do you do? Transmit a message via email about 7th Son (and Fillion's appearance) at least one of your comrades who doesn't listen to podcasts. Especially effective targets can be science-fiction fans, "Firefly" or "LOST" fans. Tell them a little about 7th Son and why you like it. CC the Ministry of Propaganda on the email -- -- and you will become an Agents of the Ministry. You've just played a big role in furthering the cause of the 7th Son Experience.

Transmission ends.

The 7th Son Ministry of Propaganda ~ Domination Through Replication ~