Another 7th Son superfan! / by J.C. Hutchins

Need further evidence that 7th Son listeners are the coolest, most generous folk around? Take Brian, a listener in Kansas. Brian enjoyed the special "7th Son/Getting A Leg Up" collaboration podcast so much that he got creative ... and wanted to share the fruits of his labor with me (and you!). Brian took the single MP3 file of 7S/GLU and chopped it up, allowing each song (and corresponding intro) to have its own track. The end result is a CD- (and MP3 playlist-) friendly presentation. Extremely generous of Brian ... and extremely cool. Thanks, Brian!

You'll find a link to this hefty download at this new "7th Son Download Center" web page.

And while you're enjoying this new presentation of the 7S/GLU episode, be sure to visit the wallpapers page, where you can download cover art (and a track listing) created by uberfan Michael.

7th Son fans RAWK!